Keeping Jersey moving

Working with the Department for
Infrastructure, maintaining and improving
the highway network

Upgrading the highway network by using traditional methods and new technology.

As part of a framework contract Brenwal have been upgrading the local highway network using traditional replacement methods and new micro-surfacing technology.

Traditional methods have included planning out the old surface and laying a new 50mm thick pavement in accordance with the highways specification. To try and reduce future residual cracking of the new surface a geotextile mat has been installed increasing the design life of the road. The ride ability of the surface has also been improved with profile planning of the surface and raising or lowering of the ironwork reducing the amount of surface irregularities.

Micro-surfacing is another method adopted by the local government which is a bituminous coating of the old surface using a specialist laying machine. The design thickness of the dressing is 15mm thick laid on top a regulating layer used to remove surface irregularities. Ironwork is raised after the new pavement has been laid giving a quick and cost effective way of adding 10-15 years on to a roads design life.