partnership and trust

Brenwal have a long running term agreement
with JT, Jersey’s local telecommunications
company. In partnership, we are working
together to keep the network running.


Jersey Telecoms

Brenwal have been contracted by Jersey Telecoms since 2005 for the civil’s infrastructure supplier for all their plant and equipment installations varying from new network ducting to new developments to upgrading the existing ducting networks.

In 2013 JT started the installation of the fibre network started in Jersey Engineers will be switching all broadband lines from the current telecoms network which uses copper cabling, to JT Fibre; the main purpose of the new network is to make sure that Jersey’s infrastructure is ready to meet the predicted future increase in demand for significantly greater broadband capacity and speeds. Brenwal within the existing term contract supplied additional support helping clear the existing network of blockages and also broken ducting enabling the new fibre installation, there are 2 number reactive teams working full time with the installers to make the switch over.

The term contract for supplying services to Jersey telecom after negotiations has been extended for a further 3 years which started in November 2016, supplying the telecom infrastructure teams with fully equipped and trained operatives for installation of ducting and chambers and installation of fibre cabling.