Engineering solutions
to complex problems

Brenwal’s temporary works design team have
come up with innovative solutions to overcome
specific site hazards whilst offering value

Temporary works installation using vibrationless technology and specialist shoring equipment for deep trenches, basements and cofferdams.

Due to site requirements and/or the close proximity of adjacent buildings specialist equipment to drive in sheet piles as part of the temporary works are used. These include a Gekin Vibrationless Piling machine and high frequency/low resonance piling hammers. Monitoring of vibration at the site boundary will be taken and recorded with no works allowed to exceed the vibration limits.

Once the sheet piles are installed the shoring equipment will be positioned as the excavation is completed as detailed in the design. Specialist lifting gear may be required to help with the shoring installation including 360 degree forklifts or mobile cranes. Brenwal’s highly skilled team can undertake any type of shoring installation.