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Approved Installers for Cintec Anchors

Gorey Pier Structural Restoration

Gorey Pier is an imposing, early 19th century granite structure adjacent to the historic Mont Orgueil Castle.

Constructed for most of its length on rock outcrops, the seaward end is supported on bearing piles with a section immediately adjacent founded on beach sand. This section is, therefore, “book ended” between two relatively stable sections and has deteriorated over the years as a result of storm damage. Significant cracking has occurred with major differential settlement of the structure over its various parts.

Gorey Pier provides protection to the working harbour and is home to several local businesses as well as being a significant landmark.

Our Client, the Ports of Jersey, appointed Brenwal to carry out the structural restoration works that were specified following a lengthy period of monitoring and design work.

The works consisted of new driven sheet piles with a capping beam to encompass the seaward end, plus the installation of circa 100 Cintec anchors driven horizontally and vertically through the masonry walls of the entire pier. These anchors comprise a textured stainless steel tendon within a grouted sock which is grouted in place to provide a full bond over their installed length of up to 18 meters. The drill holes for the anchors are completely hidden by means of reinserting the top of the drilled core in the anchor hole using mortar made from the drilling arisings.

Completed outside of the summer season, most of the work had to be carried out between tides on both day and night shifts. Towards the latter stages of the project, Brenwal were further commissioned by Ports of Jersey to carry out the repointing works of some 1000m2 of the seaward facing elevation of the pier.

Working closely with the client, stakeholders, residents, heritage and environmentalists, the whole project was carried out very successfully without disruption.