Working within the
tidal zone

Working on an island Brenwal will often have
to work on or around the sea working around
the tides

Perrelle Sea Wall, Guernsey

The sea wall was partially destroyed as a high tide of 9.9m (32.5ft) on 18th October 2012 20:43 BST brought seaweed and pebbles crashing against it. Brenwal were appointed as the main contrators through the Guernsey Environment Department to carry out the permanent repairs to the damaged sea wall.

The works were programmed to take 6 weeks for the repair to the sea wall and the installation of 2000 tonnes of additional rock armour placement to the base of the wall with an anti-scour geomembrane installed beneath the rock armour.

When the wall was completed, the repointing of a section 280m2 was carried out where the pointing had previously washed out and deteriorated over the years. The existing pointing was all raked out and repointed from top to bottom.

The final stage was to install the rock armour reinforcement to the toe of the wall.

The installation of the temporary rock armour breakwater that was installed to prevent further damage to the wall while works were being carried out. This was constructed from the imported rock armour from Ronez Limited which was then incorporated into the project when the wall repairs were completed.

Resurfacing works were carried out by Ronez which completed the project and Brenwal handed over 1 week ahead of schedule.