Working within the
tidal zone

Working on an island Brenwal will often have
to work on or around the sea working around
the tides

Le Bourg Sea Wall

Sea defences at Le Bourg, St Clements were damaged in one of Jersey’s record high tides. Damage was caused to approximately 90 meters of the costal sea defences. The work consisted lifting the existing 30 ton units from there damaged position and stored on the beach in sections so as not to cause further damage to properties.

Brenwal shipped in a 90 ton crawler crane to the island to lift these 30 ton units. Brenwal also designed a new sheet pile toe and concrete foundation. The units were lifted back into their original position and a reinforced concrete tie beam was placed along the back of the wall with a drainage system to prevent any future damage. The beach was regraded back to its original levels on completion.