Managing safe systems
when working in
deep trenches

Safety is Brenwals highest priority when
working to detailed method statements for the
safe installation and removal of proprietary
shoring equipment.

RBC Esplanade

Project Details

Storm Water Drainage Connection
Contract Award Date March 2015
Contract Completion Date July 2015

Commercial Details

Contract JCT Minor Works
Value 300k

Client Details

Dandara Limited
Spectrum House
Gloucester Street
St Helier

Project Background/Site Description

We were appointed by Dandara Limited to install a new storm drain to serve the new Royal Bank of Canada development in St Helier.

Whilst traditional methods of open cut were viable for the works within the southern footway, the challenge was to install pipe under the existing dual carriageway.

Open cut was considered, however due to the depth and proliferation of underground services, notwithstanding the potential issues with traffic management, pipe jacking was considered to the most suitable option.

Brenwal retained the services of HB Tunnelling, as specialist company from the UK to install a 1200mm diameter concrete pipe some 4m below the existing carriageway over 30m.

Under challenging conditions in terms tidal influence, breaking out of the old sea wall and the close proximity of existing services throughout the drive, the tunnel was installed successfully to the mutual satisfaction to both Client and Contractor.

Scope of Works

  • Mobilisation and Establishment of Site Compound
  • Advance trial holes
  • Installation of a 6m x 3m drive pit; 4m deep
  • Installation of a 3m x 3m reception pit; 4m deep
  • Construction of thrust wall within drive pit
  • Pipe jacking 1200mm dimeter concrete pipe over 30m
  • Over pumping
  • Construction of 1500mm diameter precast concrete manholes